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Goldmühlestraße 30, 71065 Sindelfingen, Germany
Tel: 07031/7937637 (open on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.)
E-Mail: info@akdff.de

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mailing lists

Our mailing lists:

AKdFF-L@genealogy.net the German language internal list for AKdFF members only

donauschwaben-L@genealogy.net blingual (German and Englisch) - open to everybody

Some important rules for mailing lists:

What is the purpose of these mailing lists?

Each mailing list has an email address (i.e.: AKdFF-L@genealogy.net ) and a list of subscribed members. If you send an email to one of these mailing list addresses the mail server program will forward your mail to all subscribed members.

Mailing lists can be organized as open or closed lists. In open lists like donauschwaben-L@genealogy.net everybody may subscribe, closed lists usually have restricted access, e.g. for members only.

AKdFF-L@genealogy.net   is a closed list; only members of AKdFF will be subscribed. German language is mostly used. In this list you can ask your genealogical questions and give your answers and hints to other members. If you understand German or want to participate for a while as a guest in the list, please send an email to the list admin Günter Junkers. Please send your full postal address and your AKdFF member's # .

donauschwaben-L@genealogy.net is a general open list for all German and English speaking Donauschwaben researchers. The members of this list will be informed about new books or translations of articles from our newletters. Of course you can also order books from our AKdFF office in Sindelfingen or ask genealogical questions and give your answers and hints to other members. Please send your email to the list admin Günter Junkers. Please add your full postal address.

BANAT-L@rootsweb.com is a general open list for all English speaking family history researchers. In 1995 our member Bob Madler started the Banat Mailing List. Read more about the list and how to subscribe/unsubscribe at http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/intl/HUN/BANAT.html

If you want to become a full member of the AKdFF please read carefully the information "Becoming a member of AKdFF", print your membership form and send it via snail mail to our AKdFF office in Goldmühlestr. 30, 71065 Sindelfingen, Germany.
You will be subscribed to the mailing lists donauschwaben-L@genealogy.net when the English translation of our newsletter is distributed.

Some fundamental rules:

  • New members introduce themselves

  • Each subscriber should report on his personal research topics. Post all your questions! Everybody was a beginner. Your questions will hopefully be answered, many hints and useful help is given.
    Do not ask questions like "Searching Mayer in Banat, who can help?" The more information you offer the better the answers.
    Please tell everybody about special sources you found. This will help others to avoid double searching for the same imformation.
  • Exact subjects

  • Do not post different subjects in one mail! Each item should be written in its own mail with a suitable subject. Do not use subjects like "search" or "help" and use the same subject line when you answer an existing mail.
  • Be brief

  • Nobody reads more than 50 lines.
  • Angry, raging

  • Be moderate! When you get into a rage you may regret later what you wrote. Do not write spontaneously; read your mail with the "eyes of a friend" (Maybe there are typing errors...). Please send your complaints to the list moderator only.
  • Quoting

  • Usually you quote the mail and the author of the mail if you have a useful communication. Most email programs print a  ">" at the beginning of each quoted line. Please quote only the matter of question. Delete all other parts of the mail.
  • Personal mails to single members

  • should not be sent to the list. Please contact this member directly, the email address is in the header lines..
  • Commercial advertizing

  • is prohibited. Spam is filtered out by the mailing server. Information about new genealogical books, CD ROMs or webpages is always welcome.
  • Emails with attachments (Files, pictures etc.)

  • are not allowed! Mostly the size of your email is restricted to a certain amount.
    Files and pictures may be offered for download on a webpage, your email gives only the URL.
  • Send Emails only as plain text

  • Though most email programs send HTML formatted contents - please do not use this option when posting to our mailing lists. HTML code is useless for simple text information; it only increases the volume and download time of the information.
  • Archive of AKdFF-L and donauschwaben-L mailing lists:

  • is accessible for subscribed members on the webpage http://list.genealogy.net/mm/private/akdff-L and http://list.genealogy.net/mmn/private/donauschwaben-L   resp. You need your password which you received in your confirmation mail, it will be sent to you automatically in a monthly message.
  • More information about AKdFF-L and donauschwaben-L mailing lists:

  • http://list.genealogy.net/mm/listinfo/akdff-L and  http://list.genealogy.net/mm/listinfo/donauschwaben-L resp. If you lost your password you can get it by email. You should change it to a readable word.

Viruses and hoaxes: never forward without examination!
    Via the internet and email attachments, viruses are easily spread around the world, but "virus hoaxes" are propagated much more often. Warning about these hoaxes leads to more traffic, even more when the warning mails are spread over a mailing list.

    Please never forward warning mails without examination! If you are not sure please contact the  List admin !

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