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Goldmühlestraße 30, 71065 Sindelfingen, Germany
Tel: 07031/7937637 (open on Thursdays and Fridays, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.)
E-Mail: info@akdff.de
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AKdFF newsletter
(Donauschwäbische Familienkundliche Forschungsblätter)

The AKdFF newsletters (DFF)
are issued in March, June, September and December.
Editor: Anita Villnow, Eichenwiesenstr. 20, 71131 Jettingen

If you have interesting news, research articles, genealogical data or reviews to publicise - write to us! Have you made a fascinating discovery in churchbooks, tax lists or legal judgements, or did you stumble upon a coincidence? Share them with us! Your contributions should be typed (on letter-size paper or as a computer file); of course they can also be sent via email (in WinWord, unjustified text, no tab stops or page formating, etc.).

Contents of the AKdFF newsletters beginning with # 115 (2005) can be found here .

If you like to help us to reduce costs for printing and shipping you will receive an electronic version of the newsletter as PDF via email.

English-speaking members living in the U.S. or Canada receive the German version and (on request only) English translations of single articles via email.

Numbering of the volumes:
Volume I: issues 1-15 (1975-1980) Years 1-5
Volume II: issues 16-30 (1980-1983) Years 6-9
Volume III: issues 31- 46 (1984-1987) Years10-13
Volume IV: issues 47- 62 (1988-1991) Years 14-17
Volume V: issues 63-78 (1992-1995) Years 18-21
Volume VI: issues 79-94 (1996-1999) Years 22-25
Volume VII: issues 95-110 (2000-2003) Years 26-29
Volume VIII: issues 111-126 (2004-2007) Years 30-33
Volume IX issues 127-142 (2008-2011) Years 34-37

Letzte Änderung/Last update: 6-oct-2011
Thanks to Monika (Kleer) Ferrier for translation!
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