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Goldmühlestraße 30, 71065 Sindelfingen, Germany
Tel: 07031/7937637 (Thursdays and Fridays, 10 - 4 p.m.)
E-Mail: info@akdff.de

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Working Group of Hungarian-German Family Researchers (AKuFF)

Chairman: Dr. Kornel Pencz, Petöfi S. u. 56, H-6500 Baja, Tel. 0036-79 24936

The organisation began the year 2001 with 15 founding members. At first members from the southern regions of the country joined, i.e. from the north Batschka and Swabian Turkey, since the founders were from these areas. Today, members live in 8 Hungarian provinces, Budapest and even Germany. All ages are represented, but the younger generation (18-35 years of age) and the retired (over 60 years of age) are in the majority. Annual dues are 3,600 Forint (ca. 14,50 €).

The group organised 3 research meetings in 2001. The first was held in April in Bátaszék/Baderseck. This was also the formal annual meeting. The first actual research meeting took place in July in Mecseknádasd/Nadasch. Its format will serve as a model for future meetings: sightseeing in the area, reports by the executive on their work since the last meeting, 1-2 formal reports by volunteers, a lunch for all and informal talks on one's own successes. On November 17, 2001, the second research meeting in Bóly/Bohl was just as successful. Based on these experiences, we are planning 3 meetings for 2002; the first (for all members) has already taken place in the castle Gilian near Baja.

An article in the weekly newspaper of the Hungarian-Germans, "Neue Zeitung", advertised this new organisation.The meeting in Nadasch was described in the December 2001 issue of "Deutscher Kalender", the yearbook of the Hungarian-Germans. The Hungarian television station was present in Nadasch. A team from the national TV station, "Unser Bildschirm", broadcast a ten minute report about this meeting. This program had a lot of nice responses, several researchers and volunteers called us. A few weeks later a program with our member, Ilona Amrhein, was broadcast from the same station. More information about our group can be found at www.akuff.org.

The core of our library was formed by a present of books of AKdFF e.V. These books are very popular for our members. They can be borrowed.

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