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Local family kinship books

 Josef Hefner: Local family kinship book Tschatali - Csátalja/Batschka 1737-1946, Karlsruhe 1995, XII and 460 pages (out of print), New Edition 2002 on CD-ROM through Johann Bayer. Download as PDF-file (2,338 KB!) Copyright 2002 by Johann Bayer.

Angela Hefner: Tscherwenka - Cservenka - Crvenka/Batschka 1785-1944, Karlsruhe o.J. [ 2000 ], 457 and 97 unnumbered pages (out of print); 2. Improved Edition 2002 on CD-ROM: Download as PDF-file (2,496 KB!) Copyright 2002 by Angela Hefner.

Both books are also available on CD-ROM (as fully indexed PDF-files, with Adobe Acrobat Reader, but without illustrations) and can be ordered, if desired, at cost: Tschatali by Johann Bayer and/or Tscherwenka by Angela Hefner, Neustadter Str. 10, 76187 Karlsruhe, Germany.

The files and the information are copyright protected. All rights reserved. Hard copies may be generated and the data may be stored for personal, private (not commercial) family research. Mass duplication, microfilming, storage or processing in electronic systems of any kind are not permitted. The pictures and designs, copies of original documents (in the appendix), as well as a genealogical table published in the 2001 book are not included in this new edition.

It is noteworthy that in the case of Tscherwenka, the work is not strictly a local kinship book or families book in the usual sense. The Evangelical church books of this large municipality are considered to have been lost and destroyed, just as the reformed church books probably were also. The data from the Tscherwenka families were essentially gleaned from family trees and other documents.

Thanks to Johann Bayer for the production of the PDF-files, and thanks to the Hefner family for the permission to make these files available here.

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Thanks toMonika (Kleer) Ferrier for translation!
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